What is HD?

Human dimensions is a field of study that applies the social sciences to examine research questions that have implications for wildlife conservation efforts.

Learn more about human dimensions and the work of the Dayer HD Lab, through this video & audio clip.


Also, learn more about how human dimensions is applied to conservation with this factsheet designed by Ashley Gramza and colleagues in the North American Bird Conservation Initiative.

Visual representation of the linked PDF

The various facets of human dimensions are also reflected in these insights from Dr. Dayer’s Human Dimensions of Fisheries and Wildlife students.

Visual representation of lessons learned from HD students. 1)Collaboration is key! 2) Stakeholders are impt. in policy-making and land management 3)HD is a big part of decisions and policy making 4)Biased processing is a real problem 5) Natural science alone cannot solve conservation problems..social science incorporation is crucial