Christy Pototsky (she/her)

Technician / Incoming PhD Student


Christy joined the Dayer Lab in February 2022 as a research technician, focusing on a multi-state study of wildlife viewers. Although originally from Southern Maryland, she holds a first-class BSc in Ecology and Conservation from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. Her MSc by Research in Biology, supervised by Professor Will Cresswell at the University of St. Andrews, focused on a global review of bird atlases and exploring how this type of citizen science initiative can be optimized for the greatest scientific yield and conservation impact.

Her future research interests also encompass the intersection between conservation, ornithology, and citizen science, with the broad aim of addressing the research-implementation gap in conservation science and improving participation outcomes in citizen science. In the years between her degrees, Christy worked in practical conservation with a wide range of projects, including the Maryland-DC Breeding Bird Atlas and a study on the movement of Bald Eagles around a naval airfield. When she’s not working, Christy very much enjoys being lazy: slow runs, slow reading, listening to good music, and eating good food.